Immunisation Clinic – Appointment Only

Your child will be invited for his/her first immunisation at approximately eight weeks of age and you will receive a letter from Child Health advising you to contact the surgery you usually attend and book a mutually convenient appointment. You will then receive a letter each time a future immunisation is due as appropriate.  We recommend that you book appointments as soon as you get a letter to ensure your child receives protection at the appropriate time.

Please let us know if your child is not well before bringing for any immunisation and our nurse will advise you whether you should attend any pre booked appointments or rebook when your child is better.

Please be aware if the parent or parental guardian isn’t bringing them for their vaccination nursing staff would need consent from them to vaccinate any children. This can be via phone on the day of the appointment or a letter confirming consent

Routine Adult Vaccinations – We recommend that everyone is up to date with protection against tetanus and polio. Please ask at reception.