Before filling out a PATCHS request please have a look at these helpful links for self-referral or self help

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Mental Health Problems
Self-care techniques and general lifestyle changes can help manage the symptoms of many mental health problems. They may also help prevent some problems from developing or getting worse.

Download mental health links here

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Autism assessment in adults self-referral

Assessment for potential autistic spectrum in adults is
arranged via a patient self-referral.

We know that the idea of completing a referral or going for an autism assessment can be daunting


The Adult ADHD team require you to complete a self assessment form. Please follow this link to find the form which you will need to complete and return to us: You can return the form by emailing to [email protected] Once we have your form we should be able to complete the referral but if we require any further details we will be in touch.

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What Symptoms Can Be Treated by the Urgent Eyecare Service?

  • Red or painful eye or eyelids
  • Recently occurring flashes and floaters
  • Recent and sudden loss of vision
  • Foreign body in the eye

Non-urgent advice:

PATCHS is available for all patients to use. You do not need a login and it can be used to request an appointment, get advice on your health concerns or send us an administrative request. It can be used between 7am and 12pm Monday to Friday, we will action your submission by the end of the following working day. If you do not need urgent help from us, this is a great alternative to calling the surgery. 

Contact your doctors to get advice for your problem nowPATCHS will be available from 7am till 12pm Monday to Friday