National Campaigns

Wuhan Coronavirus There is currently a lot of information circulating about the outbreak of this disease. The NHS has created a number of resources focusing on the use of good hygiene to reduce the risk of the disease spreading. Information regarding the types of symptoms to look out for and the current status in this country can be found on the GOV.UK website. If you are worried about symptoms you may have relating to Coronavirus please do not attend a medical practice, instead, stay indoors and call 111 for advice.
Help Us Help You The winter months put strain on both the NHS and it’s patients. The ‘Help Us Help You’ campaign is designed to advise on how you can stay well in the winter and manage your own health where possible. You can go to the NHS website for information on how and when it is best to speak to your pharmacist, when to call 111 instead of your GP Surgery, advice on flu vaccinations and who is eligible, keeping your home warm and managing heating costs. They also encourage the public to check in on their more elderly or vulnerable friends and family, even your neighbours! We can all do our part.
Keep Antibiotics Working Due to the overuse and misuse of antibiotics over time, new strains of antibiotic resistant bacteria are becoming more prevalent each day.  The race is on to develop new antibiotics to kill these resistant strains but, if we don’t win that race, we could face a future in which antibiotics no longer work. This could mean that common infections that are treatable now could become life threatening. Follow this link for more information.
Every Mind Matters You will have likely seen a lot of TV adverts and social media campaigns for this cause. The aim is to increase awareness and understanding of mental health as a whole. You can go the ‘One You’ website to get started with help and information about the many mental health concerns that we face each day. You can go to our ‘Services in Leeds’ tab as well for information on local resources if you are worried about your own mental health or that of a loved one.
Smoking Cessation/Quitting Smoking There is never a perfect time to quit smoking so why not get things started now. Even if it is just to plan how you might do it. You can search ‘Smokefree’ online which will take you to an NHS site with everything you need to know about the process of quitting and access to the relevant support. You can also call us if you would like advice on how to get started.
NHS General Practice Multidisciplinary TeamDid you know that your local GP service is made up of more than just doctors, nurses and healthcare assistants? More and more healthcare professionals including pharmacists, physiotherapists, mental health therapists, paramedics and social prescribing workers are being recruited to work alongside GP’S nationwide. When speaking to our receptionists, they will do their best to make you an appointment with the most relevant healthcare professional for your needs as we now have more options available.
Change4Life and Start4LifeChange4Life aims to help families lead healthier lives by eating well and moving more. There is an abundance of help and advice on the Change4Life website which focuses on ways that you can change to much more positive eating and exercise habits.Start4Life aims to provide advice and support for parents and expectant parents with babies and young children. This includes information on things like breastfeeding and weaning children onto solids when they reach the appropriate age. You can go to the Start4Life website if you want more information on pregnancy, babies and the toddler phase.
Be Clear on Cancer It is important that we can recognise the early signs of cancer and take action to get seen quickly by a healthcare professional. If you are worried about symptoms you have which you think may be linked to cancer, please call your GP Surgery to make an appointment. You can also go to this website which may provide more insight into which symptoms to look out for and what action you should take.